Pragmatic & Perceptive Real Estate Professionals


Bp offers a holistic utility across the investment & development process. We leverage of our team’s collective, direct and pragmatic experience.


Our capabilities include: acquisition advisory + structure & strategy + development management + asset management + disposition guidance.

Our Goal: Better Design & Development 

+ Design  projects that connect locally

+ Develop assets that are conscious of environmental & social Factors

+ Create community through a balance economic growth and local awareness

Rooftop Garden
Creating a Pragmatic & Lasting Impact

+ Facilitate Sustainable Investment

+ Provide Connected Social Habitats 

+ Involve Local Participation


We believe local organization with strong ties to the community coupled with our diverse experience yields positive change. Our partners have and appreciate the context location and being true to the locals.  Our primary mission, creating safe, sustainable housing opportunities that are inclusive and affordable for the whole spectrum of income levels. Our commitments to, and knowledge of the local community fuels our passion to seek innovative and long-term solutions for the development of sustainable housing options utilizing both public and private partnerships.


We recognize the significance of today’s policy challenges and the ambition of developing inclusive cities for all. Our beliefs are that these goals are achievable through better planning, programing and investment structures /policies.